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Girl Friends

Girl Friends

written by: Shalini Kathuria Narang



To you, my dear friend,
With whom I can talk no end,
Many times, ears and time you have lend,
With kind words and actions you’ve my heart mend.

So many topics and times come to mind,
When we have laughed and cried,
Agreed and disagreed,
Concurred and debated.

Our walks and talks have been one of a kind.
We’ve shared experiences and strategies to bind.
To my faults, you were blind.
In small joys, great jubilation we would find.

From bosses to spouses,
We’d share complaints and grouses,
Berated common louses,
Discussed merits of dresses and blouses.

Life’s load felt easier, since you’ve been there to hear,
Helped me dispel my fear,
Exchanged concerns and wiped a tear,
Never made me feel alone, or difficult to bear.

Thanks will never be enough for opening your heart and lair,
Over years, there’s been so much to share,
From common worries, to uncommon fare,
Your advise and actions are always with candor, compassion and care.

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