Memories, a poem written by Gopal Lahiri at
Nong Vang



written by: Gopal Lahiri



Memories are the troubling stories, unreliable confessions,
stray reminiscences, deepening darkness,
and thoughts on life.

Memories are love, art, nature, and society,
fresh and startling reflections afloat,
shifting currents and squally days.

The winds, the low sounds, the odours,
the mountains, the river valleys,
the islands are the landscape of memories.

Memories can be compassionate, ecstatic, arrogant,
cynical, anguished, the log book of sailing boats,
trifles of thought and diction.

Memories can be tobacco leaves, rain drops on leaves
arrowheads of geese, tail clouds,
sadness and gratitude.

The breeze’s whistling, summons and refines,
Wicked fathers, virus, darning needles,
Surgical mask and syringe are the bedrock memories.

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