If I Had Grown Up, a poem by Deepthy Ajith K at Spillwords.com
Sergiu Valena

If I Had Grown Up

If I Had Grown Up

written by: Introverted Thoughts


Tortured hollows, twisted, coloured and soaked –
Of fragrant laughing reveries, they speak,
Watching as ancestors’ advice is mocked,
And radiant long paths ahead seem bleak.

If I had grown up, certainly of this
Pure, barefaced joy — I would have no inkling
Wandering in societal norms’ abyss
Predestined to watch hopeful souls wrinkling.

Remorseless time must I hold in hard ice
To linger behind captive in this world
Where hearts’ choices — deep and true have no price
And remain young in memories unfurled.

Truly, if I had grown up, and age gained
My young heart of feathers must I have chained.

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