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written by: Małgorzata Kulisiewicz

translated by: Dorota Zegarowska


You are holding me firmly in your arms,

the whisper of your palms

is blooming.


Waltzing in current

we are performing our life

On Blue Danube


The background around us

is wearing off on our wet lips

an angel has touched us.


Its feather is spinning

all lost in the dance will fall

in the Danube


before the old Europe perishes

Let the revived waltz

On Blue Danube

be here forever.




Trzymasz mnie mocno w ramionach,

szept twoich dłoni



Niesieni wirem na trzy pas

tańczymy życie

„Nad pięknym modrym Dunajem”.


Zaciera się tło wokół nas,

na wilgotnych wargach

czujemy muśnięcie anioła.


Wiruje piórko

zgubione w tańcu,

opadnie w fale Dunaju,

zanim umrze stara Europa.


Wskrzeszony wiedeński walc

„An der schönen blauen Donau”

niech zawsze trwa.

Gosha Kulisiewicz

Gosha Kulisiewicz

Małgorzata Kulisiewicz – the graduate of Film and Polish Literature Department at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, author of film reviews and essays, articles in Catholic and history connected press, director of TV programmes in Cracow TV. She lives in Cracow. She published her short stories and poems in „Helicopter”, on the internet portal „Writers.pl”, in „Culture Newspaper”, „Lirydram” as well as in „The Drawer”, „Lamelli”, „Polish Daily”, „BregArt”, Internet portal „E-Writers”, in the „Horizon” Magazine, in the „Almanac of Poetry” during the competition „The Golden Metaphor” and „To the Golden Metaphor of Szczecin”, in the almanac on the 4th Julian Tuwim Poetry Competition, portal „New Thoughts” and other anthologies and almanacs. The author of poetry volumes: „Other Gods” and „Cat of Wittgenstein” and „Ironic Cookies” and the book of stories „dalEKOwzroczność.” In the group of final five authors in the „Big Format” competition in order to publish the second poetry volume. She was also classified to join the workshop „After Début” of the „Literary Office” in 2017.
Gosha Kulisiewicz

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