Trick or Treat, poetry by Cathy Miller at
Charles Parker

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

written by: Cathy Miller


excited for Halloween evening
my grandson ran down the driveway
in his red padded suit and plastic gold mask
swinging his pumpkin bucket for trick or treat
I recognized his character from the movies—
Iron Man!

immediately he lowered his mask
to assure us both that it was just pretend
don’t worry Lolly, it’s just me, Bennett
his identity assured he ran ahead
ringing doorbells with his friends
while I walked the sidewalk
with a crowd of doting parents
behind lions and witches
and a pink princess flamingo

when the sun set and Jack o’ Lanterns
came to life at the doors
I waved goodbye heading to my car
but one tiny Iron Man raced back
hugged me tight around my legs
Lolly, I don’t want you to go
I hugged all my being into his magic red
suit promised to see him soon
and I carried home a legfull of love
from my superhero who was really
just Bennett

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