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The Aged Philosopher

written by: Mark Kodama


The aged Philosopher stands at the water’s edge,
With toes buried in the white sand,
Looking out at the great ocean of undiscovered truth.
Piles of books wrapped in newspaper are at hand.
Schooners and boats fill the bay,
As mariners and ship owners haggle over pay.
And beyond the harbor lies the sea
Its waters concealing life’s mysteries.
Art, science, literature crowd his mind
As he treasures each and every find.
Arms outstretched to the Divine
The Philosopher cries: “Time, time . . . I need more time!”

Mark Kodama

Mark Kodama

Mark Kodama is a trial attorney and former newspaper reporter. He is currently working on Las Vegas Tales, a work of philosophy, sugar coated in meters and rhymes and told though stories. His short stories and poems were recently published in Tuck Magazine. He lives in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area with his wife and two sons.
Mark Kodama

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