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written by: Jenny Middleton


Despite dying and so bewildering
all space around us your trace follows close;
a powder trail through the minutiae of days,
rimming tea cups and drifting in bathrooms
as perfumed steam to giddy our memories.
Confounding locked days with the keys we keep;
collecting itself amongst the porcelain figures
still, still and twirling across the dressing table
that you polished to lake like reflections.
From the loose spool of old tapes your voice loops
clear into today, words newly significant,
festooned with feathers brushing, circling near,
echoing warm with shadows in the eaves
murmuring the past to our present, here.

Jenny Middleton

Jenny Middleton

Jenny Middleton's poems have been published in various printed anthologies and online sites. Jenny studied English Literature and Drama at university and went on to study a postgraduate degree in education to qualify as a teacher; she is now a working mum. Her poems are often drawn from real experiences or inspired by artwork.
Jenny Middleton

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