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Cries of A Wee Child

written by: Andrée J. Khoury


I had believed
myself to be
the harbinger of peace,
the one, chosen
and awaited
by the world.

I had believed
myself to be
the blue wave
to wash away
all sickness,
any affliction
and the slightest
of indisposition.

I had believed
myself to be
the greatest,
encrypted in history
to have devastated
all human misery,

until I realized
death would not stop at
the cries of a wee child.

Andrée J. Khoury

Andrée J. Khoury

Born and raised in Ashrafieh, Beirut, Andrée has cultivated her love for writing since she was eight. Apart from moving others with her words, she aspires to become a clinical psychologist in hopes of making the world merrier.
Andrée J. Khoury

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