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written by: Andrée J. Khoury


It’s not enough
to say you have broken my heart.
It betrays the depth
I have loved you with.

I have shed all my tears,
in hopes they carry you where
cannot even the seas.
I haven’t left one droplet;
I have never believed
I’ll need to cleanse myself
of your dirt one day.

You have poured in my veins
your poison with your every kiss.
To this day, my skin
continues to sting, and my eyes,
they never cease to swell.

You have drained me
of my lively existence, molding
a black sky, a bottomless abyss,
a decaying void, where nothing
within me is left to break.

Your presence, as that of a ghost,
has turned into ice my very bones.
I can even hear your voice’s echo,
a cold wind blowing in the hollow
that my ribcage has become.

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