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The Power of Love

written by: Allen Baswell


It’s so elusive
yet it has a special power
it can bring joy
yet it can make one feel much pain
this mystery is known as love
it can make hearts bleed
with sorrow and misery
or make them feel joy
that they’ve found the one for them
such is the power of love
it can make one feel glad
if they’ve found a love that’s real
yet if it’s not there
they will feel their heartbreaking and crushed in many pieces
it can captivate, and be more than seductive
this power of love…
I hope someday I will feel
its true and special power

Allen Baswell

Allen Baswell

I am a native of Ackerman, Mississippi, where I currently live. I am a pastor at Fentress Baptist Church near Ackerman.
I have been writing since I was 13, and have been interested in writing poetry seriously for five years. I write fiction and drama, and have hopes to publish a book of my poems in the coming year. I spent 20-plus years working in radio as a DJ, sports talk show host/co-host, newspaper and magazine writer.
Allen Baswell

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