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Take Me To...

written by: Allen Baswell


Alone—the room wrapped in darkness
lying in bed, my thoughts are a scattered mess
I close my eyes—a vision appears!
it’s a lovely angel who comes
to relieve me of my nocturnal fears
she leans down to gently kiss me
a cold shiver runs down my back
I feel nothing but ecstasy
I rise, bringing her ever so close
“My precious, sweet doll—take me”
“Take you—take you where?”
take me, my darling girl, take me to…
a place only lovers can share
moments so rich and tender
where our passions wish to surrender
Take me to…where we can explore
something that can be special,
real, genuine—so much more
take me to…your heart—so our love can soar

Allen Baswell

Allen Baswell

I am a native of Ackerman, Mississippi, where I currently live. I am a pastor at Fentress Baptist Church near Ackerman.
I have been writing since I was 13, and have been interested in writing poetry seriously for five years. I write fiction and drama, and have hopes to publish a book of my poems in the coming year. I spent 20-plus years working in radio as a DJ, sports talk show host/co-host, newspaper and magazine writer.
Allen Baswell

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