From Love to Hollowed Tree, poetry by Joni Caggiano at
Marta Filipczyk

From Love to Hollowed Tree

From Love to Hollowed Tree

written by: Joni Caggiano



lightning striking emotions I can no longer contain
burning my skin with your scathing looks for you have found another
smelling her lilac perfume burns my nose and cuts ridges on my hips
how will your fingers forget the heavenly world you traced on my body
your hands drew life softly in circles, birthing spasms
arousing me with your musky aroma after cutting wood at dusk
moonbeams caressing my flaming hair with jasmine
burying your head in my curls, I float amid fireflies
sands drifting like your vacillating love, a wispy stirring
disappearing now into the hollow of the wise magnolia
your passion will yearn and call again for me
As I grow more elusive in my mammoth tree

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