Wild Flowers Cut For Two, poetry by Joni Caggiano at Spillwords.com
Tomoko Uji

Wild Flowers Cut For Two

Wild Flowers Cut For Two

written by: Joni Caggiano



flowers lift every blossom high
toward sunday’s somber sky
exquisite hat, emits long sigh

young’uns loud, dirty pants
cardboard fans begin to dance
choir holds ceremonial stance

tears spin, I sow a song, best I can
welcomes arise by awkward man
memories shift like mourning sand

listen to preacher, job he’s doing, bad
he never even knew my dad
flowers jump off my dress, how sad

this daughter talks about real times
how war, alcohol, and misery binds
no talk of my abuse, or broken lines

in heaven, shining boots, handsome man
little circles in polish, round, silver can
two years later, mom elects to try again

life surrenders their graves hold only bone
gasp silence scream I drop phone
too many pills, mom’s on chariot home

no father or mother, I stand in wrong lane
empty seat, sit by handsome stranger on plane
crying, he comforts me, submerging in pain

work pace, oddly insane, life isn’t fair
boss says, hope your duty’s done there
saturday, dial mom, pull out comfy chair

this phone number is no longer in service it hits me

mom is no longer there
mom is no longer there



Having lost both of my parents to suicide, I am highly aware of what a horrible effect this act has on family members.
So please, anyone who is feeling suicidal or just thinking that they could hurt themselves, please dial your local helpline or 911 immediately in the United States.

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