A Society Lost in Madness, poetry by Sydney Chandler at Spillwords.com
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A Society Lost in Madness

A Society Lost in Madness

written by: Sydney Chandler



In the depths of society’s madness I dive,
Where sanity withers and reason is deprived.
A swirling chaos, a tempest of despair,
Where souls are adrift, gasping for air.

In the quest for power, minds turn blind,
Values are twisted, morals left behind.
Lies intertwine with the fabric of truth,
Echoing loudly in the halls of the ridiculously uncouth.

In the age of supposed connection, we are alone,
Lost in a virtual world, cold and dead as stone.
Faces illuminated by icy blue screens,
Humanity reduced to angry slurs and memes.

Individuality succumbs to conformity’s might,
Drowning in the shadows of a lost societal plight.
Voices silenced, dissent is erased,
Conform! Conform! they say, or be disgraced.

Consumerism reigns, like an insatiable thirst,
Empty desires, our souls are coerced.
Racing towards riches, that we blindly chase,
Forgetting the simple joys of laughter and the human embrace.

Inequality festers, like a virulent disease,
Breeding resentment, that’s bursting at the seams.
The rich grow richer, the poor are left behind,
A chasm widens, while compassion is confined.

Yet amidst this madness, a flicker of decency remains,
A spark of hope, where compassion sustains.
For within each heart, a light can reignite,
Breaking free from the madness of society’s oppressive dark night.

Let us dare to question, and challenge the norm,
To rebuild the world, while weathering the storm.
In unity and equality we’re determined to rise, hand in hand,
Creating a future that we’ll embrace and better understand.

So let us defy the madness that’s rife,
And strive to restore the balance in life.
For in our actions, and in each choice we make,
We can mend the fractures, then heal, shape and remake.

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