Black Girl Magic Standing Tall, poem by Sydney Chandler at

Black Girl Magic Standing Tall

Black Girl Standing Tall

written by: Sydney Chandler



In a world so vast, colorful, and bright,
I have a tale to tell, with all my might,
Of a Black woman, fierce, wild and free,
With a sprinkle of fun and laughter,
and you damn well know that’s me!

Melanin poppin’, with curls so tight,
I strut my stuff with ease, day and night,
I’m a queen, a diva, a boss, don’t you see?
Rocking my melanin, fierce, wild and free!

From head to toe, I’m my parents’ masterpiece,
My style’s on point, it’ll never ever cease,
My curves and swerves can cause a scene,
With Black girl magic, I’m living the dream!

When I walk in a room, heads swivel and turn around,
‘Cause my confidence shines, can’t keep it down,
My wit and charm, a force so grand,
The coolness flows, like the sounds of a Harlem jazz band!

From waves, straight hair to braids,
Oh yes I can switch it up,
My Black girl versatility is fillin’ the cup!
I’m proud of my roots and heritage,
And because of my strength and resilience,
I know that I’ve got all of this.
From Harriet Tubman to Kamala Harris’ reign,
Black women’s power will forever be sustained!

So here’s to us, Black women so glorious and fine,
We Live, we laugh, we love, we will surely shine,
With grace and humor, we conquer it all,
Black girl magic standing mighty and tall!

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