The Cornflower, poetry by Kate Aranda Nye at

The Cornflower

The Cornflower

written by: Kate Aranda Nye


And as I lay upon my breast
Loves indigo display,
Of bobbing azure sentinels
‘Twixt fields of golden hay.

And as I walk the dappled paths
With cobalt bells laid by,
I glimpse with hope meanderings
Unto bright Aegean skies.

And as I sit and watch and wait
With beating heart prostate,
These sapphire fronds of loyalty
The litmus of my fate.

So, look upon my cornflower
A button for thine eyes,
For with it lies my hope in you
Treasured lapis lazuli.



This poem was written on the theme of “blue”. The cornflower, also called ‘batchelor’s button’, was said to be worn by young men in love. If the flower were to wilt, this meAnt that the young man’s love was not returned.

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