Who is Taking Care of You? a poem by Troy DeFrates at Spillwords.com
Freddie Marriage

Who is Taking Care of You?

Who is Taking Care of You?

written by: Troy DeFrates


Taking the time to take care of you
chasing the bad dreams, fears that come true,
a bastion of warm strength, we are here.

A hound from Hell would give you his heart
sending the shadows flying apart
knowing that you are precious and dear.

A pair of us is a force unseen
washing your dreams, so you can sleep clean
feeling protected your thoughts can clear.

Ever so brave on your own you stand
no doubt in yourself, a lady grand
just to have your best friend close and near.

Come with me, a handful we will be
release your chains and set yourself free
fall into arms open and sincere.

A place for your heart to rest and grow
always a safe place for you to know
just when you need us, we will appear.

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