Tardy Morning Sun, a poem by Joni Caggiano at Spillwords.com

Tardy Morning Sun

Tardy Morning Sun

written by: Joni Caggiano



damp, frosty grass was a sad soul to bare feet
her heart dangling from a pale elbow in a drowsy fog
besieging her as tears hymn, turning to ice on cold flesh
five months passed since her husband was planted to earthly rest

laying by the lake, icicles covering oaks like lace
drowning from a vast cramp in a tardy morning sun
drinking coffee, blissful while penning a love poem to him
erstwhile ignoring his sexy smile igniting as he asked her to swim

wearing sandalwood, as his smells from their love
hauntingly climbing like vines from her gossamer gown
still, like migrating birds finding their way to her nose to smell
her husband, lover, and friend calling to her, now, but a widow’s tale



When a person loses a spouse suddenly it is difficult to get closure. They often revisit everything they did and said prior to the death. Often there is terrible guilt no matter what the situation was that caused the sudden death.

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