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written by: Sonali Majumdar


Explanations are rivers
Of our carefully crafted thoughts
Of mindful set of words
Flowing by vales and gardens
Paths of logic and reasons
Some cover up treason
Some are full of illusion
Like reflection in the waters
Of everything nearby
Clouds, trees, butterflies flutter
Enchanting explanations of
Mesmerizing creations
Magically enticing the world
I sit back and hear those
All day long
We all sing along
I sometimes forget
I create those rivers too
And let myself
Flow in
But then, when the skies break
And a sudden deluge drowns
And wipes off the much traversed path
Of the steady main course of my life
And I find myself meandering in circles
Creating whirlpools of heavy volume and power,
I hear cries of everyone and everything around me
Sucked up in my explanations, hell bound
I try explaining myself where did I go wrong
I just hear only one large loud lonely cry from the skies
Yes, destiny!
It defies,
It defies all explanations
All calculations, all reverberations
My river flows through its predestined path
Post Flood
The new path ruthlessly claims
Houses, lives, people, cattle and their battles
It just loves to defy norms
It hears no explanations.

Sonali Majumdar

Sonali Majumdar

Sonali Majumdar, an IT Management professional and occasional poet, lives in Virginia, U.S.A. A keen observer of life, she loves to pen down moments, memories, dreams, desires, illusions and reality as perceived by her in the journey of her life. With her golden dust of imagination, she desires to paint a picture, in her attempt to reach hearts of humanity, through her wildly weaved magically mysterious touch.
Sonali Majumdar

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