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On Valentine's Day

written by: Sonali Majumdar


This Valentine’s Day
I choose not to write about love.
I’ve written enough.
Something that words can
Merely attempt to describe
Is really something beyond words
That, which can be celebrated
With material gifts and presents
Cannot be precious enough.
An extraordinary feeling that
Enters my soul
When you look
Deep into my eyes
An intoxicating effect
That lingers becomes
A priceless prize
A feeling of exuberance
As my heart skips a beat
When I breathe you in
That’s what I cannot speak about
Or write about in syllables
Is what I just want to think about
Cherish and treasure
Those are my sacred jewels
Made of memories
Of moments
Given to us
From above.
This Valentine’s Day
I choose not to write about love!

Sonali Majumdar

Sonali Majumdar

Sonali Majumdar, an IT Management professional and occasional poet, lives in Virginia, U.S.A. A keen observer of life, she loves to pen down moments, memories, dreams, desires, illusions and reality as perceived by her in the journey of her life. With her golden dust of imagination, she desires to paint a picture, in her attempt to reach hearts of humanity, through her wildly weaved magically mysterious touch.
Sonali Majumdar

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