Motherhood, a poem written by Sonali Majumdar at
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written by: Sonali Majumdar


Who would I be
If not a mother?
Even if I hadn’t given birth
I would still be a mother.
Every girl is a mother,
When she cares for her father,
Every girl is a mother,
When she wipes tears off her mother,
Every girl is a mother,
When she saves her brother from trouble,
Every girl is a mother,
When she nurtures her younger sister.

She is a mother when she serves others.
Her motherhood sparks in her childhood,
When she tends her dolls in their dollhouse.
Her husband sees a mother in her,
Long before their unborn children come to life.
The way she waters the plants,
The way she cooks the food,
The way she cares for her employees,
When she is the boss,
The way she inspires motherhood,
Even in a father,
The way she brings out the best in everyone,
Not just her own creation,
A mother will always be a mother.

From the day her motherhood is awakened
(What event triggers that,
Might vary from person to person)
To the day she closes her eyes,
Her motherhood never dies.
It’s the most primordial instinct
Every species sees it,
It cannot be extinct.
The Universe bows before her,
She understands her unrest.
The eternal Mother Herself,
Her love manifests
Motherhood at its best!

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