Sonali Majumdar

Mask, a poem written by Sonali Majumdar at


Mask written by: Sonali Majumdar   Do we ever wonder What would happen If we tell the truth? Or, if we don’t tell the truth? Sometimes, we know th...
Grief, a poem by Sonali Majumdar at


Grief written by: Sonali Majumdar   Grief was when my lover deserted me, Till I discovered a lover in me who loves me. Grief was when my best friend s...
Love, a poem by Sonali Majumdar at


Love written by: Sonali Majumdar   Alone in my room, I sit down and ponder Amidst photographs and flowers Looking at an artwork, miniature in statur...
Sonali Majumdar

Sonali Majumdar

Sonali Majumdar, an IT Management professional and occasional poet, lives in Virginia, U.S.A. A keen observer of life, she loves to pen down moments, memories, dreams, desires, illusions and reality as perceived by her in the journey of her life. With her golden dust of imagination, she desires to paint a picture, in her attempt to reach hearts of humanity, through her wildly weaved magically mysterious touch.