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written by: Sonali Majumdar


Grief was when my lover deserted me,
Till I discovered a lover in me who loves me.

Grief was when my best friend stabbed me,
Till I learnt to trust no one but me.

Grief was when my job found another in my place,
Till I educated myself to have ample choices to make.

Grief was when my house was sold in front of me,
Till I found a home in my thoughts and beliefs.

Grief was when unholy hands of a holy figure touched me,
Till I knew that purity is embedded in my soul for eternity.

Grief was when death snatched my mother away,
Till I found her in every breath I take.

Grief was when my child did not recognize me,
Till I mothered every child I met in glee.

Grief was when I saw my youth slipping away,
Till I realized my mind could never age without my consent.

Grief was when winter hit me hard and I never recovered,
Till I found summer in my dreams with hopes forever.

Grief was when everyone let me drown alone in the sea,
Till I learned to swim ahead and preach them humanity.

With every grief, I learned to smile,
With every grief, I learnt to survive.

Grief is thus a gift in disguise,
It visits to teach, not to mortify.


(Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 2018)

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