Loving - Blooming, a poem by Riham El-Ashry at Spillwords.com

Loving – Blooming

Loving – Blooming

written by: Riham El-Ashry


I may fall in love,
Only observing,
The touch on the keys
I may not be listening to the tunes created
My eyes get lost in the tenderness
I feel them
I immerse into them
And cross the boundaries
The time and the space
That shape and control everything
Are forgotten
A momentum that is life

I may fall in love with a voice
That is deep and full
Or a leaf, for the greenishes in the veins
Or even the ray that passes through them
Just for being there
And the same ray
Illuminating on a wall
I may not love the wall though

I fall in love with every cloud
And wisps that fly above
And those passers that I couldn’t see
And the trees dancing and howling
To the breeze or wind
I fall for the gentle and the furious
And wild as same

I fall for the moment that lasts forever

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