Realms, a poem by Riham El-Ashry at



written by: Riham El-Ashry


Fixed my eyes on the horizon
Sun emerges beneath the yellowish clouds
Melting into me
Far does my soul float
Among the branches and green leaves
But while I am so absorbed into the high realm,
A kitten is rubbing her soft body against my ankle
I give her something, but she comes back
Again and again
Asking for—I carry her in my hands
Her eyes meet mine and for a second
I know—
I press her to my chest, her tail touches my cheek
For a moment, she has what she misses—

And here I am
Visiting a shrub, my shrub
It doesn’t hold anything, it only gives
To the moths, to the caterpillars,
To the ants, to the bees,
And to me
A fresh fragrance of ordinary sap fluids
But it’s special because I am sure it’s meant for me

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