There’s Been an Accident, micro fiction by Linda Chandanais at
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There’s Been an Accident

There’s Been an Accident

written by: Linda Chandanais


I hang up and call work, then make travel arrangements and pack.

I arrive late to miss the family viewing before the wake. I can’t see you like that.

On the day of the funeral I wake early and put the coffee on, then help Mom write thank you’s for the mountain of sympathy cards and food. Then, I put on my favorite black dress that I’ll never wear again.

Dad announces he’s going to the funeral early to see you one last time. I hear the backdoor close I call out—Wait.

A meticulously dressed man leads us to you. My feet feel like cement and my throat constricts and I can’t breathe, but I do, and I can’t look at you, but I do and stroke your cheek as our father whispers words of love and loss to you, his only son. You don’t hear him, but I do and weep.

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