One Lit Room, a poem by Riham El-Ashry at
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One Lit Room

One Lit Room

written by: Riham El-Ashry


The silence of those kids,
Who are not here anymore.
That changed her,
To suffer, to miss, and then deject,
Or destroy, when the body rejects itself,
And repels and refuses.

In the lit room, the only one in a dark house,
Here she sits, head down,
What was in the air? Would anybody know?
When her body turned against her and willed death, would anybody know?

We take the secrets of the hearts to the grave,
Would a heart suffer? Or desire? There?
And death mocks us every day,
Because this is its supremacy—our ignorance.

A memory, she became,
That lives in the minds of those who left her.
And that would eventually evanesce.
As if life had never visited us,
Would we return to the place we came from?

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