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written by: Pat Ashinze


a public creed teaches us
that first impressions are lasting ones
by which we build people’s characters,
premonitions and limitations from.
do not believe it, dear reader.
it is an old and rusty philosophy.
it has not evolved with time.
it is an often misguided truth.

i have known prostitutes
whose portals have entertained demons
and legions of insatiable men at the start,
but once you get to know these women
of the night street for the humans
that they really are, you get to see for
yourself that even darkness illuminates;
that even ashes spark fire.

i have known exemplary saints who have
sworn to the earth and sky and sea and fire
that they have seen God;
that they have heard his voice
and perceived his deafening heartbeat but
if you get closer and deeper to their soul realms,
you would see abysses and wormholes
that can swallow a nation and send
chills down the spine of angels.

see, my dear reader, life is hard.
the heart roams around in sheathed cycles,
hiding realness and portraying illusions.
it takes time to differentiate worms from caterpillars.
it is only one that turns into a butterfly.

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