My Master Taught Me Forgiveness, poetry by Sonali Majumdar at

My Master Taught Me Forgiveness

My Master Taught Me Forgiveness

written by: Sonali Majumdar


Forgetting is hard
Hence forgiveness becomes harder
And we enter a vicious cycle of
Hurting one another
With our thoughts mainly
Since now there are no longer words

My master made me realize
We are but the same soul
Telepathic connection between us
Is extremely old
So when I curse you
It recoils back on me

When I accept you
With your differences
(Which might seem frailties to me),
I stay pacified just the way
I have accepted myself
In my entirety

I have thus learned to
Try not to forget you,
Try not to, try to forgive you
But accept you with your differences
And forgive myself for my limitations
As I do not always understand you.

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