PANDEMIC, a poem by Dr. Humeira Jawed at
Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb



written by: Dr. Humeira Jawed


It happened first,
Happening now
Questions dispersed,
Wondering how…

Diseased, dumbfounded,
Words fallen ill
Actions are astounded,
To find a remedy until.

The worldly has thrown,
This world through a toss…
Like a rolling stone,
Gathering moss.

Human raced its game,
Fearless of chances odd
Met a fateful claim,
When playing god.

Locked in conscience,
Let reasons gather health,
As the air beyond is intense,
With shortness of breath.

A jolt of commotion,
Sends shivers across
To those united in emotion,
Those united in chaos.

Tangled in this net,
When information exploded
The ‘effect’ we now fret,
And the ’cause’ is eroded.

There’s a lot to quarantine,
Reflecting this close call
Time has come clean,
To wash hands, sins and all.

Divinity will ease the pain,
To pass the virulent test
The world can, will re sustain,
The pandemic can do the rest!

Dr. Humeira Jawed

Dr. Humeira Jawed

Being a medical doctor by profession I have an avid parallel passion for writing. My first publication was at the age of nine in a local magazine and since then I have been spilling words! Born and bred in Dubai, UAE, I am currently from Karachi, Pakistan. I am also an MBA in Health and Hospital Management and have diverse experience in both hospitals and pharmaceuticals and teaching MBA students.
Dr. Humeira Jawed

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