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The Windows Between Us

The Windows Between Us

written by: Dr. Humeira Jawed


Walled with windows,
Leaning, learning.. virtually,
Training for tomorrow.

Zooming in, zoning out,
Delving in digital place,
Our classrooms orbit about;
Around time and space.

These distant domains,
Of experiential games.
Our interaction sustains,
In a gallery of frames.

How queer are the displays?
When muted and numb,
Or the unmuted pathways
Of this virtual slum!

The comfort in chaos,
Contained and connected;
The more we see across –
More we are self-reflected.

Normalizing the new,
Of life long learning,
This life is a long pursue,
From windows, discerning.

Time will remember,
History will never cease –
To forget the quiver;
Of our online odysseys.

The windows, in between,
Our real and reality;
Are screens of future foreseen,
Of hopes, of opportunity!

Dr. Humeira Jawed

Dr. Humeira Jawed

Being a medical doctor by profession I have an avid parallel passion for writing. My first publication was at the age of nine in a local magazine and since then I have been spilling words! Born and bred in Dubai, UAE, I am currently from Karachi, Pakistan. I am also an MBA in Health and Hospital Management and have diverse experience in both hospitals and pharmaceuticals and teaching MBA students.
Dr. Humeira Jawed

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