My Innocent, a poem by Dr. Humeira Jawed at

My Innocent

My Innocent

written by: Dr. Humeira Jawed


Hush…my little innocent
Don’t say a word,
I’ll sing I think a lullaby,
In whispers unheard.

Stay here with me;
I’ve cuddled onto ur charms
You are a world of purity,
Cradled in my arms.

Those starry eyed smiles,
I wonder, I forget my fears
How soulful are ur cries,
Wiping away my tears.

With tiny hands and feet,
You pace a playful thrill
Chasing you is a treat,
As you run and I toddle still

Someone called Time,
Is crawling…creeping its way
Keep slow, for this vicious Time
Will take you a memory away!

Untouched, unaware,
Unsinned… you thrive
Your joy encompasses where,
There is goodness left of life.

Precious is each moment spent
You spoil, you keep beguiled
My dear little innocent…
With you I am a child!

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