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Keep the Life on Fleek…!

Keep the Life on Fleek…!

written by: Monika Ajay Kaul



Life for us chooses
a unique path to tread on;
and we wander in the places
none have ambled before.
Life writes for us, and
we rest in the scripts
we revolve around those
unknown drafted stories.
Life makes us ride the tide
of incognito timeline;
and put in place the moments
of remembrance and relics.
Life, like a dam patiently holds
rain and hurricanes,
And passes the calmed waters
whenever there’s a need.
Life, not very easy at times
often go against the tides;
and the mistakes we make
eventually fade into the past.
Life has to be kept in fleek
even if we’re fighting battles
of choices and chances,
to hold on to or let go.

In life..some things have to be
kept good even if they aren’t…!

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