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written by: s.rowan.b


I never really liked you.
Not as more than a friend, anyway
You were funny and flirty
But you lacked
Certain things I find truly appealing

Regardless, I let you kiss me
A lapse in my judgment, I know
But the difference between you
And those baby-faced boys brimming with ambition…
The difference came down to your passion
And your beard.

Silly I know, but it made all the difference.
You tasted of cigarettes and regret,
But you felt like a man
With firm hands gripping me hard
Showing me you were in control.
A sharp tug on my hair sent endorphins
Rushing through me

It gave me a wake up call
A realization of feelings I thought had faded
I opened myself up
Told you about my past flame
“fuck him” was all you said.
And just like that
Your passion meant nothing
I closed back up, like a frightened clam.

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