Joys of Yesteryears, poetry by Olubukola Busayo Alabi at
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Joys of Yesteryears

Joys of Yesteryears

written by: Olubukola Busayo Alabi


Shall I tell you tales?
Of how we were robbed of earthly joys,
Or of how the stars and moon became our toys;
Of how Maami was laid to kiss the earth,
And how Baami strived for daily bread.

Of Mr. Francis fanciful Haveli,
That reminded me of our hotty hut;
Of Mama’s word I held unto,
Of opportunities that passed by us,
When others had what they wanted.

Of adventures to forests and streams,
Other children, to gardens and museums;
When we sucked on fruit induced,
While others held unto a can of juice.

Of how hunger became the bell that,
Drove us to bed and woke us up;
Or of weaved rags to sooth
Compared with the four legged seether,
Of Mr. Francis Grandmother.

Of how we were fed with songs and tales,
And how we walked while others sailed;
Of our frail feet and bloodshot eyes,
Searching for the beauty of the skies,
Because we had not.

When others fine-tuned
As we danced in tune
To Alubata drumbeat
While they made awesome feats,
And celebrated.

Of the random, discordant tour,
That led me into an abatoir;
Or of death sentencing looks and stares,
As we climbed up uncle’s stairs,
On our first visit to the city.

Now I can’t tell you father’s tales,
For these are my tears!

Olubukola Busayo Alabi

Olubukola Busayo Alabi

Olubukola Alabi is an avid reader and freelance writer whose works are inspired by occurrences of life; love and Faith. She renders her pen as a voice to speak against unjust prevalence in the diaspora of Africa. She is a student of Animal Science at Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, Nigeria. She enjoys reading thriller, Christian romance, crime and fantasy novels. When she is not writing, she also enjoys baking, volunteering, singing or listening to good music in the comfort of her solitude.
Olubukola Busayo Alabi

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