My City Sleeps, a poem by Dr. Humeira Jawed at

My City Sleeps

My City Sleeps

written by: Dr. Humeira Jawed


Tucked in folds of night,
Weary she weeps
Tossed on pillows of plight,
My City sleeps.

Dazed at dizzy skies,
She reclines to break
Staring with starry eyes,
Half dreaming, half awake.

Soaked and cold,
She shivers seemless…
Capsized and unconsoled…
This wreck of a stormy mess!

Toiling after the days labor,
Of feeding countless wards.
She cringes now with fervor,
Hungry and starved.

A sip of sacred silence,
A morsel of prayer and peace…
Might quench her resilience,
Might fill the belly to ease.

It’s half past insomnia,
The wake of darkness forbids.
There’s commotion and mania,
At the brink of her eyelids.

How the whispering air tries,
To comfort…but fails.
Humming lullabies and lies,
And corrupt bedtime tales.

Yawning and yearning,
She longs for long lost hold,
The dazzling glories glowing,
The streets and stories of gold.

Feel the deject in her cries,
Her pieces claimed as share…
As a valuable trophy.. a prize,
Lying someplace somewhere.

Wanted, needed… used,
Without shame or guilt.
Dumped on grounds perfused,
With swamps of noxious filth.

How one dozes off in pain?
Mauled by wolves, the termites.
That cureless agony in vain,
Of life threatening parasites!

Her for all and none for her,
All are around, yet so apart.
My City succumbs to slumber,
My City sleeps with a broken heart!

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