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Subtle Halo

written by: Sujata Dash


Zeal of clouds to soar and croon
Got validation of the crescent moon
Trees swayed back and forth
Nodding to the tune of
Whispering crescendo
Bevy of stars up and above
Matched up steps with complete gusto

Ripples on the silver bed of river
Fervently wished to leap and soar
To steal a glance of cosmic delight
The entire show was no less than magic
A subtle halo appeared to embellish
The aura of offerings
To garnish the nugget of blessings

The amazing story got its awaited turn
Drumming raindrops, clap of thunder
Invoked a beckoning ...
An intense wish, a fervent desire
Emerged from the closets of fine tuning
To hone skills for upsurge of endeavor
To make it big on a passionate journey.

Sujata Dash

Sujata Dash

I am a banker by profession, a poet and singer by passion. I am an ardent lover of nature. I have contributed to various magazines, anthologies nationwide. I have published an anthology of poems too. I write in three languages - English, Hindi & Odia. Most of my work is in English.
Sujata Dash

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