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The Cart of Life

The Cart of Life

written by: Sujata Dash


The cart of life lunges forward
takes me through
highways, serpentine roads
some familiar tracks
some entanglements and puzzles

New cities, new people throng my journey
make me forget old memories
the visages of my favorite places
wear thin
as the cart rattles forward carrying
my being

I do not intend a pun by saying so
for the nostalgic trail
does not even beacon
perhaps, gets trapped under
the shadow of hot embers of night fall

The sparkling waters
the whistling willows
the soothing fragrant breeze
the beatific butterfly wings
decorate each new morning
with promises of bigger, better life
and my journey ensues
flanked by the blue sky
and a bit of dark clouds
at times I squint
at times the sun
with a speck of smile glued to our lips
we carry on

I wonder…
as I take forward the journey
whether my past is snapped from present
by the scissors of time!
or I have my own selfish interest
to unfollow all that is gone by!
with the subtle manifestations
of a mighty heave
I continue
only to realize
perhaps…we are such stuff
that reality is made of
eventually opt for –
what suits us.

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