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written by: Sonali Majumdar


Alone in my room, I sit down and ponder
Amidst photographs and flowers
Looking at an artwork, miniature in stature,
I ask myself, “What is Love?”

I thought, I knew it all when I was younger
With the passage of time,
Now, that I am stronger
Resilient and wiser
Not sure why I wonder?

I brainstorm and try
To define and redefine
Be a little unkind
To my beautiful mind
Torturing, bringing it to a grind

I stop and reflect, recollect and collect
Shells made of memories from the beaches
Of my life, calm and wild,
With apples and peaches
Some screams and screeches

I see myself
As a myriad of faces
A daughter, a sister
A friend, a lover,
A wife, a mother
And a dozen other

Relations that came along
Home and places, where I belong
I am an employee, also an employer
A colleague, a neighbor, a dedicated volunteer
A partner, a dreamer, a sinner, a partial redeemer….

And suddenly it dawned upon myself
That I am made of Love itself
A full being made of it, nothing less
My body, my mind, my soul, it all manifests
Love, just Infinite Love.

And that I am capable of loving others
And able to feel its power, is all that matters
Who loved me, and how much and why
Is just immaterial.

Love is my essence, it’s my existence
Love defines me and I don’t try to define it!


(Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 2018)

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