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written by: Sonali Majumdar


Do we ever wonder
What would happen
If we tell the truth?
Or, if we don’t tell the truth?

Sometimes, we know the answer
And yet, we masquerade
Just for each other’s sake
A closure always helps
Even if a heart breaks
But we do not indulge
In such conversations
Thinking those will lead
To ends, full of convolutions

Instead, we repress the obvious
And thrive on
Undisclosed facts,
Unscrupulous acts,
Undernourished love,
Playfully stroking each other’s flesh,
Continuing discussions on
Politics, spirituality and camaraderie.

Do we ever wonder if things can really end?
Do we love each other at all?
Or, do we just pretend?
For financial reasons
And children
And social norms
And power
And prestige
And sins
And theories of allegiance?
Do we?

We mask our love
We mask our pain
We feign happiness
We love to digress

I wonder what would happen
If we tell the truth
Not to the world
But to each other.
May be we don’t know the answer
May be we won’t need our masks
May be we shall be free birds

Sometimes, something inside me
Provokes me to scrape
Perfect faces
To confront
What lies beneath
And unmask our
Inept masks,
Infusing our skins!

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