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written by: Ayo Gutierrez


Stars aligned, destinies contrived
A million permutations exist and yet
No matter how bespoke odds may fall
to these chagrined young lovers,
They array the force, then bring their own magic
Casting fear aside, they will not succumb;
In the face of peril, they will never be ensconced…

Time is the fire in which all things burn
This fire, it shines without remorse;
It consumes but not without parlay
The Beauty and Fury of its alchemical stirrings
emanate from hot coals and embers
How quartz glitters and feldspar flashes: rarefied
Ruby, bloodstone, or gold: intensified

It chants:
Roll the drums!
Give yourself to the trance
Like a flame we dance
We are of the stars and suns
We are of the Fire

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