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Open Space

Open Space

written by: Ayo Gutierrez



Tonight the sky is pregnant with bulbous clouds
Kiss me now before it rains
My arms have become gnarled tangled tendrils and my shinbones crackle in pain
How many droughts must I endure as my lips bleed against my silken handkerchief?
How many wildernesses should burn as your silhouette
mocks me behind their yellow embroidery of flames?
Will you offer another sponge of vinegar against the cracked tongue of your desperate maiden?

Some nights do not come gently; they leave me trembling for your breath.

Give me back the coiling rivers, the bubbly springs, the vibrant blooms!
Restore me to the echelon of pageantry
Where wind and time cannot chew the steel into dust
And I am in command of every element
Meet me here in the open space
Unlatch the buttons on my delicate wardrobe, ignite the spark at once
For I am a firefly; I constellate, then go completely dark.

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