Shame on You!, flash fiction written by Ian Fletcher at

Shame on You!

Shame on You!

written by: Ian Fletcher


“Great performance!” “So moving!”…. and myriad such comments greeted the Facebook picture of Mr. Fletcher’s Grade 8 class’s presentation.

First prize, proud students, delighted parents, kudos with his colleagues and, more importantly, the principal and board.

Sipping his third celebratory beer, Mr. Fletcher mentally replayed the show’s crescendo. Students standing in line, with Greta Thunberg high seriousness, accusing the audience of hypocrisy and causing the imminent environmental catastrophe.

“Shame on you!” their callow voices chorused, fingers pointing.

Then, the pièce de résistance, John Lennon’s sentimental “Imagine” booming out as the lights faded.


Everyone went home satisfied, the world unchanged.

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