Mighty Skies, a poem written by Sonali Majumdar at Spillwords.com

Mighty Skies

Mighty Skies

written by: Sonali Majumdar


From the depth of the mighty skies
My heart sings with a piercing sigh
Hidden from a million human eyes
A story somehow still survives,
In episodes, nuances and beliefs
Sometimes a thriller,
Sometimes a romance,
Sometimes an epiphany,
Sometimes a comic relief.
My long tresses witness
The ebb and tide of it all, each day
My brain comatose, shocked in disbelief
And each time I trim those curls
My eyes rain with a little loss. They appeal to the
Leaves to knit an urn to catch those pearls
And plead the swans to call for the sun
A brilliant sun dries up those drops
A teacher teaches evaporation in class
Offices, schools, banks, hospitals
Run business as usual
And every hour a primordial spasmodic desire
To cling to your chest makes me defunct
My only solace, my mighty skies
Those have evidenced my mighty cries
My blues, your blues, the sky blues, the skies blue
Have all mixed up in a mixer
And they giggle and gurgle with open eyes
No one hears their laughter
No one understands their language
Yet, at the dead of the night when some hounds hail,
While some wounds heal and the world is tied up
In a massive dream of individuals dreaming collectively
I know you wait for me
I know you know I wait for you
Our waking, wailing, waiting moments
All culminate in the skies
The stars blink at our familiar eyes
The night has a thousand eyes.



“The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” in the concluding line has been inspired by and used from poetry by Francis William Bourdillon.

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