CHRISTMAS WITH CATS, poetry by Dianne Moritz at



written by: Dianne Moritz


Just days before Christmas, the house is a mess.
I’m rattled and battling with holiday stress.

My slim Christmas budget? Vanished weeks ago.
The weather’s prediction: rainstorms, but no snow.

A fine Christmas wreath, once hung on the door,
lies coated with cat hair and crushed on the floor.

The Christmas tree’s wilting, tinsel’s shredded, forlorn,
And all Christmas boxes are crumpled and worn.

Cards clutter the table, not written, not sent.
My energy’s lagging, it’s used up, I’m spent.

Cats, done reeking havoc, are taking cat naps,
but that pile of presents? In need of re-wraps.

I’m hopeless, defeated amidst the debris.
It’s time for a break and a snack-attack spree.

As visions of Christmas tasks dance through the haze,
“Next year I’ll go somewhere,” I say in a daze.

“Just think, no more shopping, no presents, no tree!
I’ll celebrate Christmas in Aspen. I’ll ski!”

“Or perhaps some place warm,” I continue to muse.
“Oahu or Maui! A Caribbean cruise!”

“But, wait! What’s to do with my kitties?” I say.
“I can’t leave them alone, not on Christmas Day.

They need cuddles and snuggles, and TLC.
And when I return they’ll all ignore me!”

So, I take a deep breath and count up to ten.
Relaxed, I’m ready to dig in again.

I put up the stockings with my usual flair.
I fill them up, brimming… with candy and care.

Then, at the back door, there comes a fierce bang.
My family! My friends! My neighbors! A gang!

We settle in talking, laughing and drinking….
I can’t dismiss Christmas. What was I thinking??!!

While the cats steal hor d’oeuvres and knock over wine,
We order Chinese, then sit down to dine.

We share memories, we joke, we eat too much food,
and I am enjoying this boisterous brood.

For, what is a Christmas without excesses:
Friends, family and cats? Stresses and messes??!!

So here’s to a season of love and good cheer.
Let the madness resume in less than a year.

Meowy Christmas! Have a furry New Year!!

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