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Memories of Paris

written by: Sonali Majumdar


Paris calls me often.
An embellished city,
Bedazzles my brain.
I thus get derailed
I think I am still wide awake
Awake, and dreaming as if
Or, maybe I am hacking
Another’s dream
It’s that beautiful
That it cannot be mine.
A deprived child of nature
Does not have the
Privilege to dream even
But I still dream
Lying awake,
Eyes wide open
Oh Paris!
Don’t test me so hard
Don’t take me in your grip
And crush me to pieces
And glue me to Monalisa’s eyes
So I see everything
From every single angle, crystal clear
While you like Zeus,
The Greek God of skies
Descent from above and come to life
From the ornate walls of
Musée du Louvre
Just like us
Breathtakingly beautiful
Your Glassy blue eyes
They pierce sharp
To hurt my heart
I allow it
Thinking, I am just human
There isn’t any illusion
Or, is there?
Maybe...there is
I still allow it
Just for one good reason
I see the light
Very bright
My own light
Reflected in your eyes
I don’t think much
I bathe in pure delight.

Sonali Majumdar

Sonali Majumdar

Sonali Majumdar, an IT Management professional and occasional poet, lives in Virginia, U.S.A. A keen observer of life, she loves to pen down moments, memories, dreams, desires, illusions and reality as perceived by her in the journey of her life. With her golden dust of imagination, she desires to paint a picture, in her attempt to reach hearts of humanity, through her wildly weaved magically mysterious touch.
Sonali Majumdar

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