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A Dream Between Us

A Dream Between Us

written by: Sonali Majumdar


Last night,
A dream had almost walked in,
In between
You and me

A wonderful pause,
Without a cause,
It had brought in some serenity
It had brought in clouds of hope
And rivers and birds of love
In a backpack
Packed with sunshine
For me,
Just me.

My dream had a dream man
One with sapphire eyes
He rode a horse
He was chivalrous and fine
He took my soft hand and
Got me enamored
Serenaded for me
Gave me a ride
In the woods, picturesque
Feelings beyond words,
Immersed in Divine love

But then dreams are dreams
They aren’t actuality
So, I requested
My God of dreams
My man in my dream
To lend me a leaf
From the woods there
Dense and deep
I was blessed with it.
I wrote his name on it
And brought it home with me
I kept in a book
To dry out in secrecy

I then traded my dream of
My love sweet eternity
My dream man
And his horse riding fantasy,
For some real realistic reality,
And slipped back into your arms
Like I always do

Morning breeze
Touched my face
Opened my eyes,
And my book
To the page
To where I had left it
Refreshing my memory
To the chapter forgotten
My heart smitten with memories
An empty feeling as if
A part of my soul went missing

My eyes found, felt the fresh leaf
With his name engraved on it.
I closed the book
Pressed it close to my heart
Wrapped it up with some
Fancy wrapping paper
Secured and stored it up
In my treasure chest
In the unfinished attic upstairs
Hoping for some magic
To claim it someday.

Last night,
I did not let a dream walk in
In between
You and me.


(Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 2018)

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