Into The White, a poem by Troy DeFrates at

Into The White

written by: Troy DeFrates


As we wake to the whispering white
the first hard frost has been left by the night
on the morning of Hallow’s Eve
naught but the Jack-O-Lantern would hardly believe.

The shades have gathered for their final assault
relishing the freeze their footsteps have brought
creating the fog to block out the sun
not wasting any time, the ritual has begun.

Pagans and Druids have long answered the call
to drive out these spirits from our fair land
a harvest celebration held in the Fall
the specters sense this is their final stand.

Child and adult each don their robes
to attend the burning of a Wicker Man high
fires such as these are lit around the globe
sending the fog back into the night sky.

If not for the pumpkin sitting on the porch so
with its toothy grin swaggering to and fro
as its lonely candle flickers in the night
protecting the home from harboring any fright.

Hallow’s Eve battles rage every year
light against the darkness and insidious fear
take your robe and join in the fun
as we burn away the evil with the fire of the sun.

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