Moon Song, by Godfrey Holy and Tanya Rakh at
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Moon Song

Moon Song

written by: Godfrey Holy and Tanya Rakh


it breaks the mad planet
upside down it peeps
through cracks, unresolved
always laughing through
unfinished moonroofs
shattered, hope in pieces

each shadow a dancing
on stuccoed cobblestones
peeling dawn like thin grapes
before light kills the dark

always before the light breaks
that thin sound, you sigh and
it’s gone, but stays an ache in
the back of your eyelids
you can feel it on blind days

a taste of fire on dust horizons
dread spinning back through the
needlepoint, our feathers ruffled,
lonely suns gather here to mourn
receding flight—

to beseech you
to lay your head down in these
galaxies, beg you drink my sight until
I am quelled
the entire desert flooded a
sad continent, all these rivers
drain a glistening flood,
that murky ocean of perfect

our skies bruised, limestone
over orchid nights
ecstasy clouds prepare the
fragrance of rain, heavy over
this thrumming monsoon dawn

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