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written by: Kabir Deb



You are pure when sex is not an evil
You are a dark wound when you crave for a son only
You are a mortal when you tear nature’s chest
You are immortal when you face the masks
You are afraid when defense is not an option
You are free when you are caged to the best
You are deserted when you have no desires left
You are sound when you feel love with pain
You are hollow when caring is not an option
You are a storm when no one stops before you
You are broken when your pieces are hidden in a void
You are alone when you accept a mess
You are brave when you have zero options left
You are sexy when you are able to seal the broken
You are cruel when you jump the steps with a smile
You are a sadist when you console a crying person
You are a murderer when you are devoid of questions
You are an ocean when you open the exit door of night
You are nothing when you are everything
The moment you step out of the area of everything
You ‘are everything’.


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